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April 4, 2018


BANK HOLIDAY GRUNGEDAY happened this past weekend and what a frickin' night it was! Kicking off with the mighty stoner/grunge band SheBrew the bar was set super high and the PA tested to its limits but that did not deter the power-pop-grunge-goodness of YOU WANT FOX featuring Nat and Colette from Nottingham. The crowd really loved this dynamic duo and a few hearts were stolen methinks too... They topped off their set with the classic track EX-BOYFRIEND and encouraged the audience to join in with the soothing refrain of "FUCK OFF!"


Next up were killer BOB's long time gigging buddies THIRD ANGLE PROJECTION who, as usual, were on top form, with killer BOB's Pete Von-Doom remarking that they were "really pulling it out of the bag tonight". Both OG grungers and the new generation of 20-something Grunge fans were loving their set which culminated in the climactic "WAKE UP"!


Main support of the night was none other than killer BOB and we had an absolute fucking blast mate! Thank you so much to everyone who was partying hard up the front and yelling in my face, it was increds! Always nice to have people mention how we are like Babes in Toyland, Pantera and L7 - means we're doing summat right. I guess being from Brum, we are BABS in Toyland though, pahaha. Had a nice chat with a guy who was from London who really enjoyed our set and nice to get a few photos with everyone in the crowd too. Kevin Ashburn photography has captured some amazing shots which I will upload soon so keep yer eyes peeled!

Headline act was the immense BROTHERS IN CHAINS all the way from sunny Croyattle fronted by superb musician Joe Head. This is where the Brummie crowd really came into their own with everyone yarling along Layne Staley style to the vocalisations in "Angry Chair".

It was a most excellent night where we all partied on even after all the bands finished with some guilty pleasures including "Just Like Paradise" by Dave Lee Roth. Also, it bears a mention to name (and shame) the winners of the killer BOB bozo awards that were handed out after the kB set:


Tony - for spending £100 at the previous Grunge night on his debit card and not realising until he got his statement through.

Luna - for being a drunken psycho.

Jacknife Joe, Joshpit and Eliot - for getting a taxi to a killer BOB gig from Stetchford to Walsall but we were actually playing in Lichfield, and then still getting the taxi to drive them to Lichfield. That's DEDICATION muthafukkas!

Ditch - A lifetime achievement award really, but his crowning glory is probably too sensitive to put in print...


You guys and gals are the absolute best and we have been so lucky to know you all on this bizarre, beautiful and messed up journey we call life. Until the next one... keep on rocking and being crazy!!








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