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Chris Cornell Tribute Gig

June 18, 2017


I don't really have adequate words to describe what last night meant to me or how nervous I have been about this gig for the past month. killer BOB played tribute to Chris alongside fellow Brum Cornell superfans Jay from Crimson Star and Frank from She Brew (killer Crimson Brew). We played Spoonman, Outshined, Drawing Flies and Jesus Christ Pose. Nat performed a solo acoustic version of Fell on Black Days before the band launched into the Soundgarden classics.


It's been necessary to just rehearse and not think about Chris emotionally. His music just needed to be executed with respect. Now the gig is over it has really hit home he is gone forever and never coming back. Hearing "Hello to Heaven", "Call me a dog" and "Like a Stone" last night was really emotional. His voice and presence were tangible in the voices of others.


Sometimes, when a famous musician dies, many people have no understanding or empathy for how this impacts on the fans on personal and emotional levels. Last night it was comforting to be around others who also felt the depth of Chris' death deeply. This is a man we grew up with, whose voice, lyrics and incredible songs were there for us.

It was an honour to perform in his memory.


Chris Cornell - we salute you


With Loud Love - killer BOB, Crimson Star and She Brew















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